The National Strategy for the Development of AI for the period until 2030 was approved by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 490 dated 10.10.2019.

The main aim of the National AI Strategy is to ensure the accelerated development of AI in the country, conduct scientific research, increase the availability of information and IT resources for users, and improve staff training.

According to the strategy, by 2030 Russia should become one of the international leaders in the development of AI, which will affect the welfare of the population and the economic development of the country.

The strategy prioritizes new research centers and laboratories, the development of software and technological solutions, data collection, storage and processing, the formation of special software, training qualified personnel, creating a regulatory framework in the field of AI.

To achieve the goals, it is necessary to develop projects in the following areas: computer vision, speech recognition and synthesis, natural language processing, intelligent decision support systems and recommendation systems, and other promising AI methods and technologies. The share of public authorities, large and medium-sized companies using AI should grow to 20% by 2030.


The main directions of AI development:

Supporting scientific research in order to ensure the advanced development of AI;

Designing and developing of software that uses AI technologies;

Improving the availability and quality of data necessary for the development of AI technologies;

Increasing the availability of hardware needed to solve AI problems;

Increasing the level of provision of the Russian market for AI technologies with qualified personnel, and the level of public awareness of possible areas of use of such technologies;

Creation of a comprehensive system of regulation of social relations arising from the development and use of artificial intelligence technologies.


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Predicted results

Constructing and commissioning of houses is one of the plans which are considered to be most important by the President. The Ministry of Construction faces the task of increasing housing delivery to 120 million square meters per year by 2024. Its solution is impossible without the use of AI and innovative construction technologies.


By 2024, a Russian AI chip close in parameters to the world leaders will be created

By 2030, there will be devices with Russian AI processors


By 2024, Russia will be among the top 10 countries in AI education

By 2030, the lack of AI specialists will be eliminated, including involving professionals from other countries


By 2024, Russia will be among the top 10 countries by the number of scientific articles and participation in conferences

By 2030, Russia will be among the top 10 countries in terms of average citation rate







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