Federal Project AI
Federal Project AI

Federal Project AI

The main instrument for the implementation of the National Strategy for the Development of Artificial Intelligence for the period up to 2030, approved by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 490 dated October 10, 2019.

The federal project "Artificial Intelligence" was developed by the Presidential Decree No. 490 of 10.10.2019 "On the Development of Artificial Intelligence in the Russian Federation". The project activities are aimed at developing software and hardware using AI technologies, supporting scientific research for the advanced development of AI, popularizing and developing the AI community, and introducing AI solutions in economic sectors, including healthcare, agriculture, transportation, and the fuel and energy complex.

Implementation of the federal project will lead to an increase in the number of scientific publications, participants in conferences in the field of AI, and specialists trained in higher and additional education programs in the field of AI. The Fedproject will also create optimal working conditions for citizens interested in the development of AI technologies.

In accordance with the passport of the federal project, by 2024 it is planned to launch 10 undergraduate and 40 master's programs in priority areas of AI. Undergraduate programs will cover 6,000 students, and master's programs – about 2,000. More than 6,000 new AI specialists will be trained under additional professional education programs.

Thanks to the federal project, universities and scientific organizations will receive research grants every year. The total amount of funding for research centers will be 7 billion rubles.

An important part of the project was the development of the Code of Ethics for AI, adopted in 2021 by leading Russian companies. The Code establishes general ethical principles and standards of conduct that may guide participants in AI relationships.

Directions of implementation

Increasing the level of provision of the Russian market of AI technologies with qualified personnel and the level of public awareness of possible areas of use of AI.

Development and development of software, including through support for startups and pilot implementations of AI technologies;

Creation of a comprehensive system of legal regulation in the field of AI;

Improving the availability and quality of data;

Increased hardware availability;

Research and development support;

Predicted Results

AI programs

At least 3,000 applicants will be able to study in 10 bachelor's programs in AI and at least 6,000 applicants in master's

Grant support

At least 569 projects of students, developers of AI solutions and AI startups will be supported by grants worth up to 4 million, up to 8 million and up to 20 million rubles

Support for companies

Medium and large enterprises will receive grants of up to 100 million rubles for the trial launch of AI projects with mandatory extra-budgetary co-financing

Existing achievements


In 2021-2024 financing of the Federal Project "Artificial Intelligence" will amount to 32.1 billion rubles


At least 50 projects for the pilot implementation of domestic AI solutions will be funded under the federal project


At least 97.8 thousand schoolchildren and students will be able to take part in competitions, offline schools, online hackathons and business intensives in order to pre-accelerate their AI projects