Regional Developer Communities
Regional Developer Communities

Regional Developer Communities

Professional communities in the field of artificial intelligence are being gradually formed in Russia, which help create favorable conditions for the development of the AI market, search for breakthrough projects, establish business contacts, as well as obtain expert support in the development and implementation of AI solutions.

These include business associations of large companies, regional scientific and educational centers and project teams, as well as public professional communities (for example, AI Community, AGI in Russia, RAIA).

The largest industry areas:

Natural Language Processing;

Business intelligence;

Computer Vision;


Data Analytics.

Predicted Results


Increase in the number of organizations and professional associations developing AI-based technological solutions


Increase in the number of specialized events in the field of AI and increase in their attractiveness for regional teams


Development of commercialization of AI through cooperation between the developer communities, companies and investors

Existing achievements

The AI ​​Alliance has established the first national AI Russia Awards for business efficiency in the use of AI technologies.