Public confidence in AI Technologies
Public confidence in AI Technologies

Public confidence in AI Technologies

The level of public trust in AI technologies directly affects the speed of development and adoption of AI technologies. According to a VCIOM (Russian Public Opinion Research Center) study, as of July 2021, Russians generally welcome the introduction of AI in various areas. 

81% of Russians have heard of AI technologies, but the substantive information is mostly held by citizens with higher education (49%), young people (38-39%) and residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg (48%). The trust in AI technologies was stated by 48% of respondents. Two-thirds of Russians (67% overall and 84% among young people) are willing to use AI to work less while maintaining income levels. Most Russians (64%) are not afraid of replacing humans with technology in their professions. 79% of citizens believe that the state should support the development of AI technologies - in particular, create vocational education programs (35%), support developers of AI technologies (37%), introduce AI technologies in the system of obtaining public services (36%). Half of the respondents (50%) would like to get an AI education in the next 2-3 years. According to 44% of citizens, AI will lead to fairer decisions in public administration.


Formation of positive image of AI in the society by informing citizens, creation of objective information field;

Popularization of AI through demonstration of successful implementation of technologies;

Spreading the ethics of using and developing AI among market participants;

Continuous monitoring of public opinion by conducting surveys.

Formation of a positive AI image

In order to increase Russian citizens' confidence in AI technologies and create a positive image of AI in society, the National Priorities developed an information campaign. The mass media will be involved in the public awareness campaign. For this purpose, 46.9 million rubles were allocated from the budget of the federal project "Artificial Intelligence". The creation of thematic programs on television will be financed by the national program "Digital Economy". The total cost of implementing the AI campaign in 2022 is 106.3 million rubles, in 2023 - 74 million rubles. 

Projected results


106.3 million rubles will be allocated for the information campaign


million rubles will be allocated for the information campaign

Existing achievements

An information campaign has been developed to create a positive image of AI through the media.

The National Code of Ethics of AI has been developed, which is designed to increase public confidence in AI technology.