Science Community
Science Community

Science Community

There are several scientific associations in the Russian Federation today that specialize in the study and development of AI. Among the largest are the Scientific Council for Artificial Intelligence Methodology, the Russian Association for Artificial Intelligence, and the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at St. Petersburg State University.

The Scientific Council on Artificial Intelligence Methodology was created by the Department of Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2005. It includes 8 RAS Academicians, 9 Corresponding Members of RAS, and also large scientists from academic institutes and large universities. Hundreds of seminars, scientific conferences, and symposiums are held by the Council. There are 12 regional branches in major scientific centers of the Russian Federation - St. Petersburg, Tver, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, and others. There are 8 sections, where theoretical seminars with the participation of major foreign scientists are held.

The Russian Association of Artificial Intelligence unites Russian and CIS scientists conducting research in the field of AI. The organization has existed since 1992. Each member of The Russian Association of Artificial Intelligence is an individual member of European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI). The association promotes the unification of experts in the field of AI, the creation of favorable conditions for research activities.

The Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at SPBU was created in 2020 to organize research and development in the field of AI. Research teams conduct research in such areas of AI as neural networks, machine learning, and natural language understanding. AI workshops are also held to bring the scientific community together. 

Areas of activity of the scientific community:

Analysis of the best scientific and practical experience in the field of AI in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation;

Organization of centralized processing of requests for AI technologies from government and business;

Analyzing the state of AI research, forming initiative proposals aimed at solving global AI problems;

Interaction with government agencies and companies that need to implement AI;

Assistance in the implementation of the most promising projects in the field of AI.

Interaction on project initiatives with world-class scientific and educational centers;

Organization of interaction between research groups in the field of AI;

Administration of AI technology research projects;

Protecting the legal rights and interests of community members.

Predicted Results


230+ publications of Russian specialists at conferences in the field of AI level A + by 2024


230+ AI-related articles published in 1st quartile journals by 2024


230+ AI-related articles indexed in WOS / SCOPUS systems by 2024

Existing achievements


The number of scientific publications is a key factor that allowed Russia to enter the AI ​​Index ranking, ranking 26th in it according to the results of 2020.


The most scientific publications from Russia are conference proceedings. Their number made Russia to rank 17th in the AI ​​Index.