R&D and Patents
R&D and Patents

R&D and Patents

Innovation in the field of AI is impossible without research and development (R&D). In addition to the development of the domestic AI market, inventions patented by Russian research centers can be used in other countries with royalties to the creators of the technology.

According to the HSE's IIS, 91% of Russian regions have filed patents for inventions in the field of AI over the last 10 years. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization ratings, Russia ranks 16th in terms of inventions in the field of AI. Russian startups are also developing solutions for metaworlds — computer vision, object recognition and machine learning technologies.


Application of AI systems for patent research and in the patenting process;

Creation of the results of intellectual activity by AI systems;

Patenting of AI solutions.

For the last 3 years Rospatent “100 Best Inventions of Russia” rating included such AI developments as:

  • “Method of pre-hospital speech recognition quality assessment by means of a hardware-software complex” (copyright holder MELPHON CCSR LLC);

  • “Text recognition using artificial intelligence” (copyright holder Abi Production LLC);

  • “Method of diagnosing psycho-emotional state by voice” (copyright holder Novosibirsk State Technical University NETI);

  • “Method for forming mathematical models of a patient using AI”. (copyright holder LLC “Intelogic”);

  • “Method and system for face recognition and route building using augmented reality tool” (copyright holder Sberbank of Russia PJSC).

Predicted Results


AI solutions will be introduced into the activities of Rospatent by 2024

Legal protection

The legal nature of the results of intellectual activity created by AI will be established and the regime of their legal protection will be determined

Intellectual property

The procedure for the creation and use of the results of the activities of AI systems in the field of intellectual property will be established

Existing achievements

21st position

Russia occupies the 21st position in the world for AI patents.

26 patents

26 patents in the field of AI were issued in Russia in 2020.

6 working groups

An expert group has been created under the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, which includes 6 working groups in the AI field.