AI Research
AI Research

AI Research

According to the National AI Strategy, Russia should be in the top 10 countries for the number of articles and participation in conferences by 2024, and by 2030 enter the top 10 countries for the average citation rate.

In 2021, there was an increase in scientific publications by Russian scientists - 98 articles on AI topics were published in reputable publications. This volume of research exceeds the plan of the national program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation" by 172%. The total Hirsch index of Russian scientists researching AI, according to the WoS and Scopus systems, exceeded the figures by 38.8% and 34%, respectively. According to the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence, Russia should be in the top 10 countries by the number of articles and participation in conferences by 2024, and by 2030 enter the top 10 countries by average citation rate.

Prospective areas of research in the field of AI are recognized software and hardware complexes in the field of computer vision for additional and virtual reality. Emphasis is also placed on speech recognition and synthesis, recommendation and intelligent decision support systems, natural language processing, and automatic training of neural networks. As part of the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, grants are awarded annually to support AI research centers. In 2021, 6 research centers received grants worth up to 900 million rubles.


Interindustry artificial intelligence technologies and artificial intelligence for other priority sectors of the economy and social sphere;

Artificial intelligence for solving problems of the fuel and energy complex and energy development;

Artificial intelligence to optimize management decisions to reduce the carbon footprint;

Artificial intelligence for robotics and control of unmanned systems;

Natural language analysis using artificial intelligence methods;

Artificial Intelligence in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering;

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture and Food Production;

Artificial Intelligence Biometric Technologies;

Artificial Intelligence for Smart City and Transport;

Ethical aspects of using artificial intelligence;

Artificial intelligence for cybersecurity;

Trusted artificial intelligence;

Artificial intelligence for medicine;

Artificial Intelligence for Industry.

Predicted Results

By 2024

90 AI publications in WOS/Scopus-indexed 1st quartile journals

By 2029

5th in the world in terms of the number of AI research

By 2030

Joining the group of leaders along with India, China and the USA

Existing achievements


The number of scientific publications is a key factor that allowed Russia to enter the AI ​​Index ranking, ranking 26th in it according to the results of 2020.


The bulk of scientific publications from Russia are conference proceedings. By their number, Russia ranks 17th in the AI ​​Index.