National Center for the Development of Artificial Intelligence under the Government of the Russian Federation

Main task

Providing expert and analytical support for the implementation and development of AI in economic sectors and the public sector, coordinating the work of authorities, scientific and research organizations, and the business community.

NCRII is a government expert and coordination center, a platform for selecting effective solutions in the field of artificial intelligence, created to facilitate the implementation of the Federal Project “Artificial Intelligence”, developed in accordance with the National Strategy for the Development of Artificial Intelligence for the period until 2030.

“Our task is to make the center a modern platform that will unite government authorities, organizations from business and science to effectively solve existing problems in the development of artificial intelligence in the country and search for new growth points. We are already actively cooperating and launching joint projects with Alliance companies in the field of artificial intelligence, research centers in the field of AI, regional and federal authorities, international governmental and expert organizations."

Areas of activity

Coordination and monitoring of the implementation of activities of the Federal Project “Artificial Intelligence”

Participation in the development and implementation of national regulations in the field of AI

Analytics and examination of key indicators of AI implementation in industries and government activities

Expert support for the design and development of AI-based solutions

Conducting and reviewing key events on AI topics, developing international cooperation

Popularization of AI in the professional community, involvement of schoolchildren and students in the AI ​​learning process

Main projects

  • stimulating the adoption of AI
  • training
  • regulatory support
  • development, support and maintenance of a national portal in the field of AI
  • AI radar
  • carrying out specialized events in the field of AI
  • calculation of the readiness index of priority sectors of the Russian economy for the implementation of AI
  • sociological survey on satisfaction with working conditions in the Russian Federation of citizens interested in the development of AI technologies