Shared Centers

Shared Centers

A Shared Use Center is a space where researchers and development companies get free access to scientific and technological equipment and other necessary infrastructure for research and development.

In Russia, as part of the federal project "Artificial Intelligence", work is underway to create a Shared Use Center in the field of development of hardware and software complexes for AI on the basis of the Federal State Autonomous Institution "RCUD and RT". For this purpose, the state budget allocated 500 million rubles until 2024. The infrastructure in the Shared Use Center is designed for the development of AI solutions and includes test racks, verification tools, engineering software, and other conditions necessary for developers.

Every year the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in coordination with the Ministry of Economic Development, sends to the Russian government a report on the results of the Shared Use Center activities.

Predicted Results

In 2022, at least 10 companies will conduct activities to develop and test hardware and software systems for AI purposes in the Shared Use Center