Grant support for AI implementation
Grant support for AI implementation

Grant support for AI implementation

Grants for the implementation of AI technologies in Russia are provided by the Skolkovo Foundation, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Innovation Assistance Fund on behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. 

The Skolkovo Foundation became the operator of state support for the testing of Russian AI technologies in September 2021. The fund plans to support up to 50 pilot implementations by 2024. More than 100 developers and customers will participate in the program. The total amount of funding from the fund will be 5 billion rubles. The amount of each grant ranges from 20 to 100 million rubles. 

The Skolkovo Foundation has already supported 7 pilot projects of implementing AI in health care, agriculture, transport and energy. The grants issued amounted to 230 million rubles.

Areas of support for pilot projects

Promising artificial intelligence methods.

Intelligent decision support systems;

Speech recognition and synthesis;

Natural language processing;

Computer vision.

Projected results


By 2024, at least 50 pilot projects will receive AI grants


More than 100 customers and developers will participate in the program


The total amount of funding will amount to 5 billion rubles

Existing achievements


Grants from Skolkovo Foundation were awarded to 8 pilot projects instead of 7 as expected.


The total amount of grants awarded is 568.7 million rubles.