Artificial Intelligence against Covid 19
Artificial Intelligence against Covid 19

Artificial Intelligence against Covid 19

The introduction of artificial intelligence technology in healthcare is one of the most significant developments in Russia and throughout the world.

The coronavirus pandemic has given birth to a new idea in terms of the use of digital solutions in healthcare (COVID-Tech), in which artificial intelligence has emerged as the primary technology for fundamentally transforming treatment.

Artificial intelligence technologies have made it feasible to update traditional medical diagnostic systems, techniques of producing new pharmaceuticals, and so on, as well as to improve the overall quality of healthcare services.


Modeling pandemic development scenarios and assessing the effects of relaxing quarantine measures;

Treatment based on clinical decision support systems, systems for the selection of individual therapy, etc;

Monitoring the spread of coronavirus and controlling social distancing of citizens;

Diagnosing signs of diseases by analyzing CT, MRI, and X-ray images;

Development of new drugs and vaccines;

Providing information to the people.

Existing achievements

> 95%

The accuracy of determining COVID-19 on CT scans is over 95%.

5-7 minutes

The time for obtaining a conclusion based on CT results is between 5-7 minutes.


Moscow entered the top-3 of the international rating of innovations in the fight against COVID-19.