AI Readiness Index
AI Readiness Index

AI Readiness Index

The index of the readiness of key sectors for artificial intelligence deployment assesses resources and expertise available in various areas of the country’s economy, as well as practical outcomes.

The index enables to manage modifications and track the effectiveness of the implementation of the "Artificial Intelligence" Federal project.

As part of the Index's development, Russia undertook the first large-scale survey of enterprises from key sectors of the economy on their readiness to deploy artificial intelligence technology.


Preparation of the annual analytical report "Index of the readiness of priority industries for the implementation of artificial intelligence";

Determination of the necessary measures of state support to expand the practice of using AI;

Identification of existing barriers to the implementation of AI;

Determination of the current level of AI use in Russian organizations.

Predicted Results

General readiness index

More than 60% of organizations note that the effect of implementing AI technologies is from 10 to 100%. Some companies observe an increase in the speed and quality of work performed by 5-6 times. A significant effect was noted in healthcare, financial services, ecology and environmental management, and the social sphere.

Implementation effect

In the leading industries, such as financial services and the ICT, 51.3% of organizations have implemented AI technologies. On average, more than 30% of organizations in different industries plan to implement AI in the next 3 years.

Leading Industries

The overall index of readiness of industries is 3.2 out of 10. There is a transition from the beginning to the developing stage of implementation and use of AI.

Existing achievements

10 000

The first poll in Russia was carried out, covering more than 10,000 industry organizations.


The study was carried out with the participation of over 30 federal executive authorities.

8 / 34

The assessment is based on 8 criteria and 34 indicators of the industry's readiness to implement AI.