Fast Growing Companies
Fast Growing Companies

Fast Growing Companies

On the market of projects in the field of AI in Russia, there are both large players who have created departments for the development of algorithms for internal needs, and small companies focused on the development and promotion of their solutions on the market.

The technology of the RTC company allows filling out medical documents, converting the doctor's voice into text. VisionLabs has developed a complex for non-contact temperature monitoring and face recognition for 40 people simultaneously.

The installation of a surveillance system by the Russian company NtechLab, which is used to manage passenger traffic, search for criminals and search for missing people, has begun at Indian railway stations .

By the end of 2021, Cognitive Pilot plans to export about 600 sets of Cognitive Agro Pilot harvesting equipment. 

Promobot plans to supply robots to China, Japan and South Korea in the near future . 

In early 2021, VisionLabs' remote service software was integrated into the mobile application of Emirates NBD, the largest bank in the UAE.

List of organizations:

VisionLabs - creation of software solutions and services based on computer vision and machine learning technologies;

ABBYY - solutions in the field of intelligent information processing and analysis of business processes;

NtechLab - video analytics: recognition of faces, silhouettes and actions of people, as well as vehicle detection.

MDG - research activities in the field of biometrics for voice and face, speech recognition, big data analysis;

Cognitive Pilot - development of AI systems for unmanned rail and road transport;

Promobot - production of autonomous service robots in Russia and Europe;

Predicted Results

2022 year

5,000 orders for Cognitive Agro Pilot kits

2025 year

Promobot plans to occupy 1% of the world market

Existing achievements


In March 2021, NtechLab entered the list of "unicorns" in the field of computer vision, along with representatives from China, the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Cognitive Pilot

The solution of the Cognitive Pilot company reduces the cost of grain by 3-5%, reduces its losses during harvesting by up to 2 times, and increases the speed of harvesting by up to 25%.


FacePay technology from VisionLabs allows you to pay for travel in the Moscow metro by face - without using tickets, bank cards or phone.