As part of the federal project "Artificial Intelligence", the study of AI in Russia is actively integrated into secondary, higher and additional education.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation in 2021 approved the Artificial Intelligence Systems module, which can be used in basic and additional educational programs. In 2022, the federal state educational standard was approved, which, within the framework of the subject "Informatics", provides for the formation of students' understanding of the possibilities and limitations of AI technologies in various fields.

In 2022, 3,240 people were enrolled in master's programs at 16 grant recipient universities and 79 partner universities implementing master's programs.

1,369 teachers at 17 leading universities improved their qualifications in 83 master's programs approved in 2021.

The second All-Russian Olympiad in AI was held among students in grades 8-11. In the period September 26-30, a qualifying stage was held with the participation of 13.6 thousand people from 83 subjects of the Russian Federation. Based on the results of the main stage of the Olympiad (407 participants from 65 subjects of the Russian Federation), 50 people from 28 subjects of the Russian Federation were allowed to participate in the final stage.


Formation and updating of the forecast of staffing requirements in highly specialized areas of AI development;

Development of Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in the "Artificial Intelligence" profile;

Upgrading the qualifications of university teaching staff in the field of AI.

Development of a model of competencies in the field of AI;

Education programs

By 2024, at least 3,000 students will enroll in undergraduate AI programs and at least 6,000 in graduate programs. AI faculty will receive professional development grants: 1,200 grants in 2022, 1,080 grants in 2023, and 1,080 grants in 2024. Access to online AI education programs will be available at more than 50 regional universities. In 2021, 1,266 people received certificates of additional professional education in AI, 1,784 certificates are planned for 2022, 1,478 certificates for 2023, and 1,591 certificates for 2024.

In 2021, the first All-Russian Olympiad on AI was held among students in grades 8-11. Applications were submitted by 10,000 students from 77 regions of Russia. Hackathons and lectures on AI were held in 10 cities of Russia to support young talents, where technical university students and high school students from the age of 14 can participate. By 2024, 116 hackathons and 85 popular science lectures by Russia's leading AI specialists are planned to be held in 85 regions.


At least 3,000 students will enroll in undergraduate programs

Master's degree

At least 6,000 students will enroll in graduate programs


3,360 university teachers will improve their qualifications

Current achievements

13 600

In 2022, the second All-Russian AI Olympiad was held for students in grades 8-11, where 13,600 people from 83 regions of Russia took part

3 240

In 2022, 3,240 people enrolled in higher education programs in the field of AI

1 369

On the basis of 17 leading universities, 1,369 teachers improved their skills in the field of AI