The Russian government offers financial support to developers in the field of artificial intelligence. This will enable them to release advanced domestic technologies of unparalleled quality in the near future.

Grant support for AI implementation

To support innovative ideas in the field of artificial intelligence, Russia offers grant programs for the implementation and development of AI systems.

Since 2021, the Skolkovo Foundation has been supporting the testing of Russian AI technologies.

This year, 5 projects out of 40 submitted applications were recognized as winners:

  • ATENTA — an intelligent decision support system
  • RTK IT — a platform for technical inspections of overhead communication lines with the use of drones
  • Lomonosov Moscow State University Marine Research Center — ice forecasting system
  • Tyremen Group — analytical system for tire durability of motor transport equipment tires of motor vehicles
  • 220 Volt Research and Production Enterprise — the control system the production of unique non-serialized electrical products
  1. The Bonch-Bruevich Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (100 million rubles)
  2. LLC Rusagro-Invest (86.3 million rubles)
  3. JSC AtomEnergoSbyt (24.8 million rubles)
  4. LLC ZAVOD INCOM (25 million rubles)
  5. LLC M-Line (80.4 million rubles)
  6. LLC Lomonosov Moscow State University CMI (100 million rubles)
  7. All-Russian public organization "Russian Union of Rights Holders" (92.4 million rubles)
  8. LLC EnEl Group (59.7 million rubles)

Grant support for AI developers

Developers of AI technologies can obtain the necessary grant support by participating in competitions of the Innovation Promotion Fund.

Creating new and supporting existing small businesses seeking to develop new products using AI

Supporting small businesses with a positive business reputation that are planning to introduce their own AI products

Supporting enterprises with a positive business reputation and experience in selling knowledge-intensive products

Establishing new and supporting existing small businesses in the field of AI

Creating new and developing existing open libraries in the field of AI

Supporting the implementation of AI solutions developed by small businesses

Supporting enterprises planning to finalize or scale up of their own AI solutions and their launch into new markets

In 2021-2023, the government support funded:


AI projects


library developers


Participants in the accelerator program

At the moment, there are already organizations in Russia successfully working in the field of AI:


Production of autonomous service robots in Russia and Europe

Content AI

Solutions in the field of intelligent information processing and business process analysis

Cognitive Pilot

Development of AI systems for unmanned rail and road transport


Creation of software solutions and services based on computer vision and machine learning technologies


Research activities in the field of biometrics for voice and face, speech recognition, big data analysis


Video analytics: recognition of faces, silhouettes and actions of people, as well as vehicle detection